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by Roberto Warken ♂♂,PowerNetworker on 8-Apr-09 10:17pm
* Roberto Luiz Warken 

What are you doing now? Look at the sides. There are more people around you? How many people can you see? Look for them deeply. 

There is something common that puts you at the same level of equality that these people. You live on the same planet. A planet that is dying, dying, by the intervention of human beings in nature and now nature is giving his response. I will not enter the merits of the nature of these responses, but I tell you what you can do. You see, it is simpler than you think. 

Answer: What’s unique about you? Almost nothing. Most things you know and are made from imitation. Are you a sum of behaviors of people you bring yourself. 

You are a copy, which tries to differentiate from others by its culture. Your culture has done so in relation to this culture down with nature. 
Answer: You get angry in the face of human handedness? Indignation without action is the same as nothing. 

What can make the difference between you and the other humans on Earth is your attitude towards saving the planet where you live. 
You may be a copy. But is someone who belongs to an elite. Not many people have this privilege. And independent of this level of education, that country where you live or how much money you have. 

Answer: What is the meaning of life? The meaning of life is being happy. Nothing more. Life acquires meaning only when all the people around us share the same thing. 
So what you can do. 

You can make a difference to the decisions being an example, while the next are not violent, not exploiting employees after results because of a crazy economy, not committing harassment, etc.. 

Make your business development, social responsibility, with responsible actions. 

Save water, recycle the waste, use solar energy, reuses the ground, finally. 

Do this at home. Be example to your children. List is without stress, leave food out, replace the plastic on paper, carries at least one sport, linking up with friends and accept the differences. 

Not everyone will like you or act like you because they are just people who will show you how to improve. 

This short article begins to forward it to what we call global consciousness. 

The article is the proposal to be completed. The idea is that you add with your opinions, the more information you can add to this article. 
Let’s build an Article Global?

*Roberto Warken, 49, is a graduate in Social Science – Sociology, Expert in Sex Education and Master in Education and Culture. He is a consultant of Non Profit Organization Instituto Arco-Íris (Florianópolis/SC-Brazil), gives lecture on how to improve sales, Sexuality and Business, Personal Coach Gives advice to Entrepreneurs of all segments. He is militant for Human Rights at all levels, especially LGBT, and a Sustainable Life in Our Environment. Etc.
This article it is Hetero Friendly.

Roberto Luiz Warken, Me, ♂♂,

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