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Dear Roberto,

On Monday night, ONE's US government relations director delivered our petition to President Obama's advisors and reiterated our ask that he use his influence at the G20 to fight for solutions that benefit both developed and developing nations.

We hope to see our impact on Thursday—with the rest of the G20 action—live as it happens.

That's because we've teamed up with other poverty-fighting organizations, including Oxfam and Save the Children, to bring 50 top bloggers into the G20 Summit right along with the rest of the international media. One of those 50 is Virginia Simmons, writing for the ONE Blog, and Bob Geldof will also be on the ground and on hand during the day to give his unique brand of feedback on how the G20 are delivering on the development agenda.

You can follow the news as it happens and discuss your thoughts with other ONE members here:

This summit has been the focus for much of our work so far this year. We've successfully petitioned, and thanked, Prime Minister Gordon Brown for African Union inclusion in the summit, and now have asked President Obama to champion development as leaders discuss restructuring global financial systems. I hope that you'll join to watch the action unfold as we find out whether leaders will take the decisive action needed to turn this recession around and help the world's most vulnerable people survive its impact.

Thank you for taking part,

Roxane Philson,

P.S. If you want to get down into the details of what the G20 can do for developing countries, take a look at our our policy pitch for G20 leaders and research we commissioned which shows that helping developing countries will have a positive impact around the globe.


Posted via email from Roberto Warken,♂♂


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