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Linkedin Groups February 20, 2009
GLBT Professionals (and Friends)

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Creating New Life & Work Performances: A Free Introductory Workshop Be the first to comment »

Asked by Randy Wilson, Life Performance Coach

Looking for a lesbian real estate agent to handle a home search in Central Phoenix. Know anyone? Be the first to comment »

Asked by Margaret Jacoby, SPHR, Experienced Human Resources Consultant

Most Read News at GLBT Professionals (and Friends)

I’m a CyberStar and PROUD! Be the first to comment » | February 20, 2009

Our group, the CyberStars®, has one primary purpose: To create a true family of like-minded real estate professionals who freely share ideas, tip and techniques as they apply to using technology to increase market share.…

LinkedIN Can Pay Off With Effort (AKA How to Use LinkedIn Effectively to Network) See 1 comment » | February 18, 2009

JS Artical on networking with LinkedIN. – Some general info on LinkedIn, but the real gold is in the tips on how to use it effectively.…


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