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It’s not new to everyone who has his own business.
It’s not new that people want to be closer to family.
Not that today's companies face huge costs to the maintenance of offices.
It’s not today that the Home Office System – Work at home was invented.
Until today there are people earning money send material by mail in post office, earning money without knowing that this is a crime.
Life has become more expensive! The scarcity of employment pushes people to their creativity.
Human beings began to be replaced by machinery and summary dismissals occurred.
Companies are lacking in people with knowledge that go beyond the specific
Some companies
we know that will fail because not believe the the interdisciplinary and transversality.
Someone with the thought "different" in a brain storm, can make a difference, he says, who also has worked with advertising and propagated.
Creativity is left out. The collaborative work is seen as a waste of time. And who is always losing leaves the company.

Roberto Warken worked since the age of 14 years old untill  today is now with 49. He worked in only 5 companies. Only one, it was 27 years. Finally. Tired, stressed even by feel on the skin which is bullying, had medical orders to stay away before they were to have a collapse.

Who wants to participate with him something must have: responsibility, discipline, empathy, patience, to know donate to the next one. Sense of justice. Like human rights and deprive themselves of the moorings of prejudices. Tackle the sameness. The leader of today is a bold person, put either learn about all. He/She have not afraid to try, especially when it has nothing to lose.

Always on the Internet, in a spirit of solidarity and to set up sites to relax and lists of groups of people who could help people, even as he met with the same characteristics as their equal. He made friends in social communities on the Internet that called for companies to combine Social Networks and the new system of Multilevel Marketing.

Today it is one of the most varied LEADERSHIP who are in Brazil together with others worldwide, with the potential to develop cross activities. From time to time be invited to give lectures on sexuality and businesses, as companies are formed by sexualities-people. If the sexuality of someone not doing well, it reflects on the work. Sometimes you see in the activity of coaching staff helping people to be leaders in their areas, but makes clear that there is nothing better than doing what you love and love what you do, even if it does not pose enormous financial gain. But the personal return, in terms of health and tranquility of life are enormous. Leaders are not born. Build up leaders because it is part of our culture. And we communicate poorly.

It is possible to win big money with Internet based business from home? "YES!", He answered. "The daring part of the people who win," replied

ZenZuu is the example of the company that, instead of working with sales of products or services, sells advertising in the pages of its affiliates and distributes 80% of that wins you achieve simple rules, as the representative of ZenZuu in Brazil, Roberto Warken.

"The company I represent is now something around 200 thousand representatives across the world and continue to grow. And, moreover, there are 800 million people who access the Internet every day and do not know ZenZuu. And, this number of people who access the Internet from home, the Office of Lans Houses, to grow. Rather, this a fantastic growth.

You can see the potential of this business? "Asks Warken, added:

"The old marketing Network does not mind if more is not connected to a system of Social Networks", complements.

And, says more:

"Companies like MySpace, Facebook, ORKUT (leader in Brazil), Hi5, Ning, XING, Plaxo, etc.. Have to change its focus, POIS NOTHING FOR FREE excellent information that we give to them."

And, Warken recalls: "INFORMATION IS A PRODUCT THAT SELLS EXPANSIVE and information is power." We can not eforget quecer that just less than 2 years at Microsoft and Google competed to purchase the rich Facebook.

This area of the market had never been attempted and has gained many adherents.

"ZenZuu innovated to unite the two things: Social Network and MLM," and continues: "We have the best social network that pays because each affiliate has a Blog, a place to deposit Music, Movies, Photos, and also a subsidy system with nine (9) levels of depth "

Warken bet at least six companies on a global level, and is connected to them, and inviting people:

"This is the time and I chose to join because I have nothing to lose, since most are free. Unfortunately, the Brazilian has not yet agreed to this small revolution, and the United States and Europe have already begun. I believe very much in Latin America and other countries in growth. I have people up in Russia. We have great leaders who deserve an opportunity.. "

Warken, has experience of more than 15 years in this business than to know that the speech. Warken is Sociologist, Specialist and Master in Sexuality Education and Culture and monitors closely the development of markets and below follows the relationship of companies, ending with a comment:

"I have already got too skeptical about it. But you have to realize that dealing with the sales of products and services every day, after being born. You demand needs. It is what makes the capitalist system work. Another thing, even if they do not understand try to know the dominant language market, the English, then Spanish. But do not be afraid. The "San Google Translate" ( is a fantastic tool that helps us a lot.

Moreover, there are two other great tools that can be used. Skype (, which functions as a system of voice over IP (a form of Internet connections via phone) completely free Skype to Skype, and also the ooVooo ( which is a system for you webconference with headset (headset with microphone together because of) and more the image of the webcam, also for free between users on the same system. Both identify the language used in your machine and downloads the correct file, you understand, therefore, in your language.

"And so, step to the addresses of businesses who want to add to my team’s:

View Profile ->
Learn more ->
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Learn more ->
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Learn more ->
Join Time ->

"More information, see my videos on ZenZuu in: "

Thank you for reading.
Information –

Posted via email from Roberto Warken


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