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Publicado: 6 dezembro, 2007 em Uncategorized

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  from Ramone Johnson
Fashion forward, they say. The design powerhouse duo Dolce and Gabanna broke up as a couple near two years ago, now they shatter TV glass ceilings with their new crystal queer commercials. Don't be shocked. It's time for a little gay love on the mind-numbing screen that feeds our inner need for visual displays of social norms. Could this be the beginning of more ads that clear the shards of media conservatism? Forget what your mom said; turn on the tube and watch hot D&G couples kiss in their fabture gear.

In the Spotlight
Dolce & Gabbana's Gay Commercials
I'd heard rumors about new gay-themed Dolce & Gabbana commercials airing in the States, but I had yet to see one until a late night catch-up session with my DVR. There I was habitually fast-forwarding through the commercials of one of my favorite shows (which I'm too ashamed to name) when I saw two guys kissing. Of course, this took me completely by surprise. (Which in itself bothered me, since a gay kiss on TV continues to be taboo in the year 2007. But I digress…) read more


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